Will keto diets help with weight loss?

Ketogenic diets are becoming more and more popular. They have been used to treat epilepsy for quite some time now, but the fitness world has suddenly become very interested in them. A lot of people start following a ketogenic diet because they believe that it will help them to lose weight, but is this the case?

Keto diets involve almost zero carbohydrates, and very low protein too. A ketogenic diet is roughly made up of 20% protein, 5% carbohydrates, and 75% fat. This means lots of avocadoes, butter, steak, bacon, and minimal vegetables. It sounds like a typical dieter’s worst nightmare!

Now, the ketogenic diet is as effective or ineffective as any diet. If it is calorie controlled then it is easy to lose weight and then maintain weight on it. If it isn’t calorie controlled then it would be very easy to underestimate how many calories you are consuming, and end up gaining weight! That’s the problem with fats, a small serving of fat can contain a LOT of calories.

But when you consider the fact that a lot of the fats used (particularly MCT oils) can increase satiety (how full you feel), and that the diet contains 20% protein (which also reduces hunger) then you can see that a keto diet can definitely work. You don’t need to go keto to lose weight, you just need to be consuming less calories than you are burning. But keto will have its advantages for some people.






Androsurge by Jacked Factory Review

Androsurge by Jacked Factory – Review

There has been a lot of talk lately about Androsurge by Jacked Factory, so we’ve decided to give our review on the product!

Androsurge is a natural anti-estrogen, testosterone booster & Aromatase Inhibit supplement. The ingredient list of this product is of the best in terms of available natural ingredients on the market for controlling estrogen and increasing testosterone. Most importantly, they’re all backed by science. Examine.com does a great job of explaining the benefits and importance of each ingredient, such as DIM (Diindolylmethane), Grape Seed Extract, and more.

Androsurge has also been reviewed, and ranked #1 by a lot of top supplement websites, including Supplement Review Shark, you can check that out here.

Bottom line

Based on the ingredients, other reviews, and other information gathered. It’s safe to say, Androsurge is a great option if you’re looking for a premium natural anti-estrogen & testosterone boosting supplement.





Jump Start Your Workouts with Greater Intensity: Super Charged, Highly Intense, Electrifying Training secrets

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Workout"Perhaps you’ve heard the term High Intensity Training before. Although there are many different perspectives on such an extreme type of exercise, one man began a great lineage of inspiring disciples, who took high intensity training to heart. His name is Arthur Jones and his most extreme and intense followers include Mike & Ray Mentzer, as well as six time Mr. Olympia, Dorian Yates. These bodybuilding legends took the simple principles taught by Jones to an extraordinary level.

While achieving optimal physical strength and conditioning is dependent upon many factors, High Intensity Training provides a special edge to those disciplined enough to endure it. Put an intense shock into your workouts with these extreme weight training principles.

Create Huge Muscles with Giant Sets

A traditional weight training program calls for the standard three sets of ten reps for each exercise, while recommending about three exercises per muscle group. With the introduction of super sets to such a program the intensity is raised a bit. While a super set consists of one set of two different exercises performed consecutively without resting, a giant set takes intensity to a new level. An extreme giant set can include three to five different exercises performed consecutively without the aid of rest.

For example a giant set implemented into a chest workout would most likely consist of an incline bench press for ten reps, immediately followed by flat bench flys for eight reps, immediately followed by parallel bar dips for as many reps as possible. To raise the intensity an extra notch add an exercise or two. Cable crossovers and push ups would fit well into this particular series of high intensity exercises. In the earliest stages of experimenting with giant sets it is wise to complete only one or two of these sequences per workout.

Get Shredded with Drop Sets

The performance of the drop set is a simple but extraordinarily intense technique, which creates unmatched muscle endurance and conditioning. This unique principle can be applied to all of the major muscle groups, however the following example focuses on the biceps.

Begin by loading up a standard barbell with a weight you are capable of curling for about ten reps. While standing, proceed to curl the barbell. After ten reps set the weight down and quickly remove five lbs from each end of the barbell. Without resting continue to curl the barbell for as many reps as possible. At the point of muscle failure rest the weight once again and remove another five lbs from each end of the barbell. Repeat this process until you are left with a bar free of plates. During this sequence anywhere from 30 to 50 reps should be performed with minimal rest, just enough rest to drop the weight. Upon completion of the barbell curl drop sets the biceps will feel like they are on fire.

The Heavy Duty System

Heavy Duty refers to a workout philosophy which calls for the performance of a single set for each exercise within a given routine. For instance, a Heavy Duty leg workout may include five exercises; squats, leg extensions, leg curls, stiff leg dead lifts and calf raises. After thoroughly warming up the legs only one set of each exercise is to be performed. It sounds easy enough, but hold on these are not typical sets. Each set must be performed with a weight that forces the muscles to fail at around eight reps. Once the muscle fails there are a few options:

  1. have a training partner help force out two, three or four more reps.
  2. rest the weight for fifteen seconds then push the muscle to failure once again, repeat for more intensity.
  3. use the drop set principle to force out as many reps as possible.

In order to achieve consistent results, high intensity must be implemented into each proceeding workout. The essence of workout intensity is change. Continue to challenge the muscles by changing angles, reps, sets, exercises and the amount of weight used.

Prenatal Workout Guidelines: Stay in Shape during Pregnancy

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Prenatal Workout"Once you’ve confirmed with your doctor that you’re having a baby, she may caution you on what activities or exercises pregnant women should avoid. But prenatal conditioning is just as much about exercises that will ease pregnancy and labor as it is about avoiding potentially injurious movements. Below are some guidelines for recommended changes to your fitness routine in each trimester; remember to check with your doctor before beginning any prenatal exercise program.

First-Trimester Workout Guidelines

In the first trimester you can safely continue your cardio workouts; however, it’s a good idea to decrease the intensity to keep your blood pressure and core body temperature from elevating dramatically. Aim for an exercise heart rate below 140 beats per minute. You may find that in your strength workouts, as well, you’ll experience low energy and shortness of breath during your first trimester. Take frequent rests, and stop exercising if you experience pain. In addition:

  • You may continue strength training with few modifications. Switching to lighter weights is advisable, as is avoiding movements requiring intense upward straining, such as squats with a bar on your shoulders or heavy military (shoulder) presses.
  • Eliminate crunches from your routine, as these combined with a growing belly can encourage the splitting of the linea alba, a line of connective tissue that vertically divides your rectus abdominus muscle in half. You can check for abdominal muscle separation by feeling for a gap wider than two fingers while lying on your back.
  • Don’t forget to target your upper back muscles by performing exercises like seated rows, which will help keep your shoulders pulled back and posture upright as your belly grows.
  • Additionally, eliminate exercises performed in the prone position (lying on your stomach).

Second-Trimester Workout Guidelines

In the second trimester, beginning around 12—13 weeks, you’ll continue to decrease overall intensity while putting more focus on flexibility and balance. While you might not feel as nauseated or low-energy as you did during your first trimester, you’ll still want to take things down a notch as you gain weight:

  • Continue to perform low-to-moderate-intensity cardio like walking, stair-climbing, biking, or riding the elliptical, but avoid high-impact activity like running or kickboxing.
  • Consider incorporating prenatal yoga into your routine—it features poses that will ease the stress on your back and hips, improve balance, and shift your baby into a more ideal position.
  • Eliminate any exercises that require you to lie flat on your back, as this can stress the spine and put pressure on your diaphragm. Reclining in an incline position or supporting yourself on a stability ball is still acceptable.
  • Avoid twisting, lateral bending, or any movements that strain the abdomen. Instead, try sitting on top of a stability ball and slowly tilting your pelvis forward and back, then side to side. Plank holds on your hands are another safe core-strengthening exercise for pregnant women.

Third-Trimester Workout Guidelines

In the third trimester, beginning around week 24 or 25, further decrease the intensity of your workouts, using only light weights and keeping your cardio low-intensity.

  • If exercise on cardio machines has become too intense, swimming and water aerobics are an excellent way to maintain your cardiovascular fitness while pregnant. Exercising in water will also ease the strain on your back, hips, and knees as well as the swelling in your lower body.
  • As your belly reaches its maximum size, your center of gravity will shift, so include light balance moves to help you adapt. These exercises, best performed under supervision, may include stepping up and down on a low step, standing on one foot (stay near a wall for safety), or standing on a mildly unstable core board.
  • Continue your yoga moves, and add Kegel exercises to strengthen your pubococcygeus or PC muscles, which are essential to the birthing process (aid in pushing) as well as controlling urination post-pregnancy.

Keeping these guidelines in mind over the next nine months will help ensure a safer pregnancy, easier labor, and quicker recovery following childbirth, as well as arm you with the tools to get back in shape once your baby’s born.

Keep Fit at Home with the Best Workout Videos

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Workout"Exercise is the best way to keep fit and improve health and energy levels. Some people go to the gym, take yoga classes, or run.

However, like many things, maintaining an active lifestyle is easier said than done. Those with a hectic lifestyle usually find it a challenge to set aside time for exercise activities outside the home.

Using Workout Videos is Convenient

If doing any outdoors activity is a challenge, it would be best then to exercise at home. You don’t need to buy a pricey equipment either, that may end up unused later on. The best option is for you to buy the best workout videos, which could be about dancing, stretching, and yes, even yoga and pilates.

There are many kinds of workout videos. Choose one (or more) which you can easily follow. It is important to choose one that fits your interest, to make exercising an enjoyable time for you.

Hip-Hop Your Way to Awesome Abs

The best workout videos are those that keep the viewer engaged and motivated. If you like dancing, you will definitely enjoy the Hip Hop Abs series which was introduced by T. Shaun. The routines incorporate hip hop dance moves with some really effective abdominal exercises. This way, you get a great cardiovascular workout while toning and sculpting your abs.

If you think you are not much of a dancer, don’t worry. One of the characteristics of the best workout videos is that they are easy to follow. The Hip Hop Abs series starts out simple and allows you to follow the movements even if you haven’t had much dancing experience.

Kick Off Your Excess Weight

On the other hand, if you’re more interested in martial arts than in club grooves, you’ll definitely enjoy Tae Bo. This combination of tae kwon do and boxing was created by Billy Blanks and has gained popularity since the first video came out in 1998. Tae Bo is a total body workout which combines martial arts moves, boxing, and dance. It is especially well-known for toning the arms and legs, although the rest of the body receives a lot of attention as well.

By purchasing and actually using your Tae Bo instructional DVD, you are assured of having one of the best workout videos around, but more importantly, of being pushed to your limits and motivated to keep on developing your strength.

Shake Things Up by Belly Dancing

If you like things a little bit sexier and exotic, why not try belly dancing? There are several belly dancing workout videos in the market. Popularized by recording artist Shakira, belly dancing is an excellent way of getting a complete workout while focusing on the abdominals.

It may not seem easy at first, but you’ll get there. Watch your self-confidence grow, and your body get sexier!

Pliable with Pilates

If your objective is improving balance, overall toning, and increased flexibility, then perhaps pilates is the best option for you. Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates, a former ballet dancer, which is probably why the exercises are directed at muscle toning and injury prevention. There are many gyms which offer pilates classes and even have special equipment for it. You can, however, do some of these exercises at home.

The best workout videos for pilates are those which allow you to start from the very beginning, with the simplest of movements. Do not try to do more advanced work if you have not had experience with this in the past. It is important to build your strength slowly but surely. Don’t worry—you’ll get there.

Consistency is Key

There are several other types of workout videos out there, such as those for step aerobics, jazzercise, and good old conventional aerobics. You can benefit from any of these as long as you maintain a consistent exercise schedule. Also, do make sure that if something makes you feel uncomfortable or suddenly causes you pain, you get a licensed medical practitioner to check first before you continue.

There are many advantages to be enjoyed by having access to the best workout videos and exercising at home. The real challenge is in motivating yourself. Once you are able to do so, you will surely enjoy the fruits of your hard work!

Soul Cycle: Adding Soul to Your Spinning Bike Workouts

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Bike Workouts"Spinning bike sessions are notorious for their macho, driven, no gain no pain “sweatouts.” Get Tough is the message of these spinning workouts filled with blaring techno music and yelling instructors.

However, Soul Cycle has changed all that. Mind you, it is still a tough, fat-burning, highly efficient cardio routine, but it is delivered with a deeply spiritual and personal message : Get on a journey and find your soul.

That’s because in addition to spinning, core and weight exercises, this new form of cycling incorporates yoga breathing, candlelight meditation, introspection and communal bonding into a total spinning and soul session.

The result is a joyful, perhaps even ecstatic mind, body and spirit experience that can be compelling, if not addictive. Celebrities like Brooke Shields and Chelsea Clinton have been unabashedly upfront about their support of soul cycling. Demand is so strong in New York City clients have to sign up for classes weeks in advance.

What accounts for Soul Cycle’s success?

It is More Than a Fat-burning Workout

Soul Cycle is the brain child of talent agent Julie Rice and real estate professional Elizabeth Cutler who were both looking for some type of cardio exercise “they could fall in love with.” According to their website,soul-cycle.com, there were many exercise routines that burned calories and pumped up the heart rate, but none made “their hearts sing.”

So they decided to create a mind-body experience that would integrate upper body and core workouts, cardio routines with soul coaching. Little did they realize that they had tapped into a market ready for the opportunity to take spinning workouts to the next level.

Spinning Bike and Soul Workouts Tone the Body

While the word “soul” might suggest something soft, gentle and languid, such is not the case with Soul Cycle. In fact, a 45 minute session is a hard cardio workout that burns between 500-800 calories. That’s because your legs are in constant motion with speed work and intervals toning legs, calves and shaping butts.

Moreover, most of the movement done on these spinning bike sessions are initiated from the core to strengthen the core. For example, leaning workouts on the bike, that is, leaning to the right and left during episodes of cycling momentum firm up the core and shape the arms. Use of resistance bands and hand weights while cycling also tones up the arms and core.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of these spinning bike sessions is the release of endorphins ushering in a sense of euphoria much like the Runner’s High. This sense of euphoria accounts for the high return rate of clients willing to fork out at least $160 a week for five spinning workouts.

Spinning Bike Soul Workouts Inspire Joy, Confidence and Purpose

Finding your soul through exercise is a step away from finding your soul through a purpose in life. In her article, “Movement as Medicine: Spinning and the Self-Care Movement,” Dr. Qanta Ahmed claims that soul cycling “engages body and brain in intense sessions” that end with the discovery of “one’s inner strength.”

If movement is medicine, she states, then American Medicine woefully neglects this concept in its approach to medical care. Instead of movement, American medical professionals espouse pharmaceutical and surgical solutions for disease, thus denying the patient an opportunity to heal himself or herself through lifestyle changes and self care.This situation is in direct contrast to her spinning workouts where she is told constantly,”You are stronger than you think.”

In another article,”Soul Cycle: Breathe, Believe, Let the Journey Begin,” Dr. Ahmed comments on the effect produced by a steady stream of mantras booming across a room of spinners. The mantra, “I can, I will, I am, I do” is replaced several minutes later by another : “There is nothing standing between you and your goal.” And this too is replaced by another: “If you really had to, you could.”

The entire room of spinners becomes infused with the energy of these mantras, in fact, becoming one:”Our legs are one, our minds are one, our limits are none.”

It is no wonder Dr. Ahmed claims that by the end of the 45 minute spinning workout she feels completely rejuvenated and inspired. The dynamics of Soul Cycle take you beyond the body to an inner spiritual reserve that encourages you to become the best that you can be. It becomes a form of deep play and spirituality.

When cycling becomes a spiritual affirmation of your potential, you leave your spinning workouts knowing that the skies have no limits.

Amping Up a Treadmill Running Workout: Ways to Take Boring Out of Running on a Treadmill

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Treadmill"In winter when temperatures plunge and daylight wanes earlier, many runners find it hard to stay motivated. Hard won advances in stamina and speed, acquired during the summer and fall tend to slip away as runners find it easy to come up with excuses to skip scheduled workouts.

Treadmills have been around seemingly forever as an alternative when cold, dark or icy conditions make running outdoors a forbidding proposition. Yet for the average runner, treadmill running is viewed more as “dreadmill” running. Ways do exist to incorporate treadmill running into a running program that can make it more interesting and even fun and a treadmill running program can help avoid the loss of fitness gains.

Strategies for Running on a Treadmill

The biggest complaint by runners when it comes to running on a treadmill is that it is downright tedious and monotonous. One of the primary attractions for many when it comes to running outdoors is the welcome changes of scenery gliding by during a run. Typically the runner faces the challenge of hills or steep declines with nice, flat portions interspersed where they can catch a breather or step up the pace.

Moving running indoors for many takes all that away. Step after dreaded step on a treadmill seems to amplify the thought that treadmill running is an absurd abstraction of what running is supposed to be all about. Yet there are simple ways to make running on a treadmill not only productive but also less repetitive and less boring. Adding a bit of challenge and imagination to a treadmill running workout can pay big dividends in continued fitness improvement when conditions just are not favorable to hit the roads and trails outside in winter.

Race Previews During a Treadmill Running Workout

Spring road races may still be months away, yet future races can be previewed while running on a treadmill. Many race sponsors’ websites feature course maps with elevation guides. The elevation guides show hilly portions along the course and points where they occur. The site for the Boston Marathon is a good example. Google maps also have a means of plotting out a race course and determining key points of elevation.

One way to spice up running on a treadmill is to plot out a favorite 5K race, determining where the hills are and at what point they occur on the course. Then strategy is to then perform a treadmill running workout where the incline is increased and decreased to mimic the conditions of the course. This is a much more challenging and interesting alternative to just putting in some miles at one set degree of incline. Longer races like 10Ks and marathons can also be used by breaking them down into segments. Thus a marathon might provide five separate workouts.

Add Tempo Training to a Treadmill Running Program

Tempo training, a form of speed work is another strategy for making treadmill running more productive and fun. To structure a tempo run start out with a mile of easy jogging and then increase and hold a comfortably hard pace (about 15 seconds slower you’re your best 10K time) for about 20 minutes. Finish off the workout with an easy mile of jogging to cool down. 20 minutes seems the ideal length for the hard segment of a tempo run, according to Dr. Jack Daniels, sports physiologist and running coach.

Actually treadmills are perfect for this type of training because many runners tend to run the hard segment of a tempo run too fast and fail to choose an appropriate pace that can be maintained for 20 minutes. Treadmills take all the guesswork out of pacing since the speed settings on treadmills demand an even pace.

Hill Repeat Running on a Treadmill

One final strategy to make running on a treadmill more interesting and less of a chore is by incorporating hill repeats. Again, a natural choice for treadmill running. The incline function offers precision is setting the degree of incline and the time factors to provide one of the most effective hill repeat running workouts that can be found. Incidentally, the cushioned surface of a treadmill is also effective in preventing running injuries that frequently occur when running hill repeats outdoors.

Treadmill running need not be a dreaded chore but another tool in the arsenal of accomplished runners. Adding a bit of challenge and imagination to a treadmill running workout and produce more consistent winter-time running that will translate into big rewards when the calendar rolls over to the time for spring racing.